A warm welcome to Loofes Clothing blog page!

Hello, and welcome to the all-new blog page for Loofes Clothing. Loofes Clothing has operated over 60 years, and implement their accumulated experience in a continuous effort toward achieving excellence in the supply of products within the fashion industry.

Committed to keeping pace with the latest market trends in an effort to ensure that our store and website remain the premier choice to shop for clothes, shoes and a myriad of accessories for men, women and children seeking to place themselves on the cutting edge of fashion.














                                                                  What you can expect to see in our regular blog updates:

With the inception of our dedicated blog page, we have the platform to supply the world with original and exciting content related to the realm of fashion. Loofe’s history, staunch reputation of excellence and stunning range of innovative products gives us limitless angles on which to report and we’re eager to bring you the latest from our list of unbeatable offers and always refreshing products.

Make sure to follow this page regularly as our stream of content will be consistent and always topical, providing readers with insights into the world of fashion and beyond, as we introduce you to a number of our brands and inform you of our latest offers. We strive to provide our customers with only official products whilst also maintaining our promise to offer the most value possible for visitors to our store.

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Loofes Clothing is active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; and we’d like to invite you to get in touch with us on social media via of the social buttons below. We’d love to receive feedback from you, whether it be product reviews, products you’d love to see at Loofes or any tips & tricks you can think of for maintaining and refreshing clothes or footwear.

As always, we actively encourage customers to let us know what’s on their minds and we’d like to let you know that any queries can also be sent to our friendly and enthusiastic help team at the following e-mail address:


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