Born To Run – The Best of Womens Trainers at Loofes Clothing

Born To Run

Comfortable, hard-wearing and contemporary women’s trainers – What you can expect from Loofes Clothing

Here at Loofes Clothing, we understand that the modern woman requires a dedicated trainer which will prove to be reliable, versatile and capable of being used in a variety of environments; all whilst not sacrificing the much sought after fashionable element. We’re dedicated to stocking only the latest in women’s trainers and Loofes Clothing are confident that our store can cater for all needs and wants. We’ve selected a couple of our current favourites to showcase for you today in this blog post, read on as we begin to introduce you to these amazing footwear items.



Unmissable range of premium women’s trainers across a range of huge brands at Loofes Clothing.


We’re excited to have the ability to provide running enthusiasts and those looking for something a little different with the groundbreaking and universally acclaimed, Nike Roshe Run Trainers.

The unique formation of the rubber treads on the sole of each trainer offers an ideal solution to those wanting to amalgamate unmatched grip on any and all surfaces, supreme comfort and elite levels of protection.

Loofes Clothing has an unblemished record of maintaining their standard of excellence with regards to offering customers a plethora of options when it comes to selecting the ideal product. We understand that visitors to our store and website will desire to express their stylistic preferences when sporting something as intensely personal as a pair of trainers; and it follows that the breathtaking Roshe Run trainers from Nike are also available in an alternate colour scheme, White/Metallic Platinum, which stand as a stark alternative to the sleek Black/White/Metallic Silver combination pictured above.




Up next, Tubular Runner Trainers from the world-renowned Adidas present a more casual approach to bespoke running trainers and we’re able to share this ultra-modern running shoe hybrid design with you at Loofes Clothing. Featuring a distinctive tube outsole and ‘heel-cage’ manufactured from genuine suede, these women’s running shoes from Adidas are certain to attract envious looks from passers by.

Fantastic value and a personal shopping experience with Loofes Clothing

Don’t forget, customers can enjoy 10% off their first offer at Loofes whilst also benefitting from our guarantee to ship orders over £50 completely free of charge.

Have you taken advantage of our extensive range of high-end women’s trainers? Have the holes in your current pair finally pushed you over the edge? Let us know everything about your trials and tribulations of attempting to get a hold of the perfect pair of trainers. Loofes are active on a number of social media platforms and we’d be delighted to hear from you regarding these issues or anything else that happens to be on your mind.

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