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Autumn is one of the most versatile fashion seasons and is a cause for excitement for those who can’t wait to ‘layer-up’ and showcase their new look for the autumn months. You’ll have to contend with colder temperatures, constant threats of rain (if you’re in the UK) and a change of colours in your surroundings; with browns and yellows becoming ubiquitous at this time of year. Here at Loofes Clothing, we’re going to share with you a number of our ‘autumn picks’ in an effort to help you prepare for the remainder of the season.

It’s time to invest in an autumn coat

You might be able to put a brave face on it when hanging on to that beloved summer jacket, but you’re going to give in eventually to the crisp autumn air and frosty early-morning starts. Long gone are the halcyon days of ridiculously oversized school jackets that you were bound to ‘grow into’, instead look for something fitted and consider taking the time to visit a tailor in order to maximise the potential of your new coat. Look for something waterproof that’s capable of withstanding biting winds, such as the effortlessly cool and tough-wearing puffa coat from Diesel’s menswear range, and ensure that it’s also going to be used throughout the winter and spring if you’re splashing out.

Loofes Clothing Jacket

Stylish woollies are must haves

No, magic gloves won’t cut it. It’s time to add some sophisticated thermal wear to your collection and we would advise settling for thick knitted gloves and a cozy woolly hat or beanie in neutral colours. Bonus points if your gloves and hat complement the rest of your outfit when taking into consideration both colour, material and pattern.

The perfect footwear to match your autumn days

Conditions are likely to take a gradual turn for the worse, and you’re likely to be ditching the lightweight summer jacket for something a little more hardy and thermal.

Like with your autumn coat, shoes should be completely waterproof and made from hard-wearing materials to help keep your feet dry and comfortable. Stick to darker colours which will help conceal mud and other stains, white shoes at this time of year will demand constant upkeep if you’re planning to use them for your commute or for those long walks in the park. Boots are a common choice around this time of year, and can be matched with almost any style of jeans, cargo trousers and more formal wear. For men, we love these Doc Marten 14-eye boots which boast intricate details and slip resistant sole made from robust rubber. For women, these on-trend Savin’ Hill Gore Boots represent an extremely versatile addition to your wardrobe and we’re all about the gorgeous premium leather in a ginger finish.

Loofes Clothing -- Boots

Loofes Clothing - Boots








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