How To Wear A Sweatshirt In Style

Loofes Clothing - SweatshirtIt’s that time of year again, seasonal changes are in full flow as Autumn begins to be fully felt across the country on increasingly darker mornings and colder evenings. With the changes in temperature and scenery, it’s imperative that the same happens to your wardrobe and that you’re dressed not only to impress, but to also dress to keep warm without sacrificing style. That’s where the faithful sweatshirt comes into the picture, and Loofes clothing has available a first-rate selection of Mens sweatshirts

Make sure your sweatshirt complements your other layers

This applies to both the size, colour and weight of your sweatshirt, as well as your sweatshirt’s pattern. Although some of the most sought after styles are a result of bravely ‘mixing and matching’, we believe it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to showing off that new sweatshirt. Stick to complementary colours and time-tested colour coordination maxims, such as a white shirt fits everything, and that direct opposites on the colour spectrum work well together in most outfits. If you can master this, you’ll exude confidence and come across as somewhat of a fashion expert.

Choose the sweatshirt for the occasion.

It’s important to be aware that sweatshirts can be both formal and informal wear, whereas rocking a sportswear type hooded sweatshirt at a smart gathering would be considered inappropriate and sloppy, a smarter, more formal sweatshirt is good to go in almost any social setting.


Look after the sleeves

We’re all guilty of hastily rolling up our sleeves, and whilst it is often considered a good look (especially when paired with a smart shirt underneath), it results in permanent damage to the elastic material which helps give your sweatshirt that smooth, fitted look around the wrists and forearms. Only those prepared to lose that sought after elasticity you can only find in new or like-new sweatshirts should go ahead and roll up.

Handle with care

Sweatshirts at the higher-end are often constructed with desirable materials such as cashmere wool or French terry cotton, and these materials are more susceptible than others when it comes to laundry damage. If you’re investing in a luxurious sweatshirt, what’s a minute of your time to carefully read the washing instructions before throwing it in the laundry?

Understanding these four crucial rules will help you understand which combinations to go for when choosing to add a sweatshirt to one of your tried and tested outfits, as well as maintaining your ‘go-to’ sweatshirt of choice. Go ahead and try out different things, you’ll find that sweatshirts safely complement an array of different clothing styles and most of all – don’t sweat it.


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