Three Essential Summertime Items for Men

July 1st saw a record-breaking temperature high of 36.7C for the UK, putting an exclamation mark on top of the latest heat wave and hopefully setting the tone for the rest of the summer season. If you haven’t started thinking about adjusting your wardrobe accordingly, the recent scorching weather and uncomfortable humidity (for those working inside) should be all of the motivation you need to spring into action.

Loofes Clothing is the perfect place to provide you with that much-needed refresh, as our extensive store encompasses a stunning variety of products, ranging from shoes to all manner of clothing and accessories from all of the biggest and latest brands. We’re going to list three key additions that everybody should pick up this summer to both look and feel the part.

The Polo Shirt


If you’re looking for something to accompany you as you switch between the beach and party mode; the simple, archetypal and effective polo shirt is a great place to start your search.

Lacoste are credited with really popularising the classic polo shirt fit and transforming it from sportswear to an everyday item. The elegant and archetypal polo shirt is sure to impress in all manner of setting, fitting into almost any casual environment whilst never looking sloppy. We invite you to check out our fantastic range of polo shirts from Lacoste, with such a large number of colours and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find something to suit your personal style.

Comfortable and Contemporary Boat Shoes

We pride ourselves on our offerings from our footwear range and strive to have something for every moment and requirement. Boat Shoes are as versatile as they are timeless, and remain a favourite when paired with well-fitted shorts in the summer.


We love these red boat shoes from Timberland, exhibiting subtle yet effective touches such as an interwoven leather lace detail and pink contrast stitching found at the base of the heel.

A Suitable Bag

An absolute necessity when you’re moving from place to place and carrying essentials. You don’t have to sacrifice all of your style for functionality, and can instead choose to strap on a lightweight canvas holdall or leather-strapped messenger bag. It should be big enough that it can cater for your gym kit or beach gear, whilst also standing up as a key part of any outfit. We recommend this entry from Emporium Armani with its 18-litre capacity and iconic Armani branding ‘EA7’ printed on the outside.


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