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7 Great Tips for the Best Festival Weekend

Written by Joseph Wilson & Keri Moriarty

Festivals don't just mean great music & entertainment they're the perfect chance to create and share some memories with your friends that last a lifetime. With multiple stages, several campsites and huge numbers of people here are a few tips to help you survive the weekend.

1. Your Phone

Instead of taking your smartphone and risk it getting damaged, lost or stolen take a cheap temporary phone with you instead.

If you do want to take your phone with you anyway to take pictures, videos and share your festival memories; we'd recommend also taking an external battery or solar charger to keep your phone topped up with juice for as long as you are.

   You might also consider sewing a pocket inside your clothes to stop your phone getting lost or stolen.

2 Keep your Valuables Safe

If you have zip-up pockets, that ideal but if you don't, don't put anything in your breast of back pocket as these are an easy target. Don't bring valuables if you don't need them; if there is any doubt - do without!

You may instead want to keep your festival essentials in a small messenger bad. BUT be sure to wear it across your body instead of just over one shoulder or you'll lose everything in one fell swoop.

3. Expect Any Weather

You can keep checking the weather reports leading up to the festival but let's face it - this is England so expect anything. You can try to pack for the predicted sunny weekend but it will still get muddy.

So don't lose your trainers to the sludge get yourself a pair of wellies or tough boots. Click here to view our selections of festival appropriate footwear.

4. Sounds Obvious but, Don't Forget to Eat and Drink

Now I'm not your mother but you really shouldn't spend the entire weekend only drinking alcohol you'll regret it on the third day when you can't get out of your tent.

It's a good idea to start the day with a good breakfast and to, at the very least, top up with a meal in the afternoon. Another common tip is to drink water until midday, it won't hurt. You'll thank me in the long run.

5. Pack Spare Outfit

Festivals are all about packing light but it is recommended that you take a couple of spares outfits - one of which you keep in the car for travelling home in. There is a good chance that someone will spill a drink (or worse) on you and you're going to want to get changed so make sure you've got that option.

Check out our selection of festival-ready clothing. 

6. Further Helpful camping tips


7. Enjoy yourself

Most importantly have fun!