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Size Guide

Kid's Clothing


These sizes are approximate, some brands may vary from these measurements but they should be useful as a rough guide.


Newborn 23.5 60
0-3 Months 24.5 62
3-6 Months 26.75 68
6-9 Months 29 74
9-12 Months 31.5 80
1 Year 33.75 86
2 Year 36.25 92
3 Year 38.5 98
4 Year 40 104
5 Year 43.25 110
6 Year 45.75 165
7 Year 48 122
8 Year 50.5 128
9 Year 52.75 134
10 Year 55 140
11 Year 57.5 146
12 Year 59.75 152
13 Year 62.25 158
14 Year 64.5 164
15 Year 66 170
16 Year 68.5 174
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KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)
KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)
KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)
KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)

Kenzo Kids

KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)

Code: K05070 A41

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KENZO KIDS Infants K05070 Hoody (Grey)

Style Code: K05070 A41

This KENZO KIDS infants hoody is grey in colour and made from cotton material. It is hooded with long sleeves and a full zip up front in pink. It features pink, white and navy details. KENZO branding is stitched on the tiger face logo on the right side, down the left sleeve in pink and big K print on the back of the hoody.

o Grey
o Cotton
o Long sleeves
o Hooded
o Zip up
o KENZO Branding

Please note that all products are listed and sold in UK sizes.

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