Sustainable Fashion On A Budget: How To Shop Ethically Without Breaking The Bank

Fast fashion garments are often made from cheap materials, which allows fashion brands to sell garments for low prices. Many consumers shop for fast fashion to keep up with the latest trends without overspending. 

Sustainable fashion is known to be more expensive than fast fashion as the materials used are of higher quality, which turns people towards unsustainable clothing.

There are several fashion brands who offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices, while adopting sustainability into the heart of their design process. Here at Loofes, we’re offering advice on how to update your wardrobe with sustainable clothing without breaking the bank.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is clothing that has been produced in an environmentally-friendly manner as all design, manufacturing and distribution should follow eco-friendly processes. Fashion brands that adopt sustainability often use natural fabrics such as organic cotton or silk, as opposed to petroleum based materials like acrylic and nylon.

The production of sustainable fashion takes into consideration environmental and socio-economic impacts. Fashion brands such as Napapiijri, Superdry and Jack Wolfskin, create sustainable clothing aimed to reduce water pollution and carbon emissions and use natural resources as efficiently as possible.

One cotton t-shirt uses approximately 2,700 litres of water during production, and about 97% of materials used when manufacturing clothes are new, resulting in old materials going to waste. 

These figures highlight the importance of fashion companies needing to move towards sustainable fashion to help reduce global pollution levels.

Fashion companies also have ethical practices to uphold to ensure that workers are well looked after during manufacturing. Companies are expected to give all workers suitable working hours and reasonable conditions, with access to a fair living wage. Employers are also expected to give all employees basic human rights and provide them with good health and safety measures.

Why is sustainable fashion known to be expensive?

It is a common assumption that sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, as higher quality materials are used in the manufacturing process. However, sustainable fashion is a far better choice for protecting the environment as it helps to reduce carbon emissions and water pollution.

Sustainable fashion brands may charge more for their apparel but have the environment in mind, whereas fast fashion brands show little consideration for environmental and socio-economic causes.

The welfare of the workers and working conditions are some of the most noticeable differences between sustainable and fast fashion brands. 

Sustainable fashion companies ensure their workers are paid fair wages and given suitable conditions and assurances to guarantee their work is completed to the highest standards. Fast fashion brands pay their workers very little and are made to work in atrocious conditions.

Sustainable fashion brands invest more in the materials they use to create their products. Eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled materials are used in production to alleviate the environmental impact.

Fast fashion companies rely on cheaper materials which have been sourced synthetically. These materials are much more harmful to the environment as hazardous chemicals are released. The materials used by sustainable fashion brands are significantly more durable and longer-lasting than the cheaper materials used in fast fashion production.

Sustainable fashion brands rely on smaller production lines to manufacture their products. Some sustainable fashion companies even adopt a made-to-order service. A made-to-order service is where clothing is customised specifically for a consumer, making it less likely they will discard their clothing.

Although it is less beneficial financially, sustainable fashion companies use these methods to reduce the amount of waste that would go to landfill.

Clothing manufactured by fast fashion brands is done in large factories for little cost. It is mass-produced, with a large proportion going to waste, greatly impacting the environment by increasing carbon emissions and water pollution.

Many sustainable fashion brands have certifications to show that their products are made with sustainable materials, and their workers have been treated fairly. Giving back to the community is a huge part of a sustainable brand’s ethics. Many companies help non-profit organisations and charities instead of reinvesting in the business.

Sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion, but environmental and socio-economic impacts are centred on protecting the environment. The expense of sustainable fashion goes towards paying their workers fairly and investing in eco-friendly materials.

Although sustainable fashion is more expensive, the cost per wear of sustainable fashion is lower than fast fashion. Sustainable fashion’s durability ensures long-lasting apparel, resulting in fast fashion items degrading and being replaced more frequently.

5 affordable fashion brands to add to your wardrobe

Several fashion brands are changing their ways to become more eco-friendly and make the fashion industry more sustainable. We want to give you 5 fashion brands that won’t break the bank and help you add sustainability to your wardrobe.


The company is known for its specialist outdoor clothing and was founded by Giuliana Rosset in 1987. Napapijri aims to make a positive environmental impact by implementing innovative solutions and adopting sustainability into the heartbeat of its design philosophy.

Napapijri uses organically grown cotton fibres to maintain the health of ecosystems, soils and people. They designed their own unique Thermo-fibre animal-free insulation after deciding to ban the use of fur in their products in 2015.

Napapijri clothing is resistant to all kinds of weather, and no poly-fluorinated chemicals are used in their products.

Loofes stocks a wide range of Napapijri clothing to suit all your fashion needs. Choose from various stylish and high-quality Napapijri t-shirts and hoodies. If you’re looking for warm winter clothing, Loofes stocks plenty of Napapijri coats and hats to suit all preferences.


Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and is known worldwide for the production of its premium denim clothing. To help tackle the fashion industry’s social, environmental and economic issues, Diesel created their For Responsible Living strategy to help take action for future and current generations.

To support protecting and restoring the environment, Diesel collaborates with several organisations, such as The Fashion Pact and the Leather Working Group. They want to remove all single-use plastic packaging by 2025 by switching all B2B plastic polybags to 100% recycled polyethylene.

In 2021, 73% of the cotton used by Diesel was organic or recycled. Diesel is committed to using only recycled and certified organic materials in their products by sourcing lower-impact materials. 

If you’re looking for some comfy and stylish jeans, Loofes has various styles of Diesel jeans in stock. Plenty of Diesel sweatshirts and t-shirts are available at Loofes to complete your outfit and make your wardrobe more sustainable.


Founded in 2003 after Julian Dunkerton and James Holder merged, Superdry is known for its vintage American style clothing embroidered with Japanese style graphics.

Superdry aims to convert 65% of its cotton and non-cotton garments to organic, recyclable or low-impact alternatives by 2025, with all cotton being organic by 2030.

By 2025, Superdry hopes to train and convert 20,000 farmers to organic production. They also aim to reduce the amount of water they use in manufacturing by 40% by 2030.

By 2025, Superdry will convert all  its packaging to compostable, recyclable and reusable substitutes and utilise renewable energy in 100% of its stores, offices and distribution centres. To further help protect the environment, Superdry is committed to achieving net zero in its supply chain by 2040.

Loofes offers a wide range of comfortable and modern Superdry apparel to revamp your wardrobe, made with sustainability at heart. Superdry t-shirts and shorts are the perfect combination if you are on the lookout for the perfect summer look.

Jack Wolfskin

The company has become known globally for their outdoor clothing after bring founded by Ulrich Dausien in 1981. By using more eco-friendly materials, Jack Wolfskin aims to reduce its carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

Jack Wolfskin products only contain 100% organic cotton, which comes from a certified ecological source, and all recycled materials are certified by the Global Recycled Standard. All Jack Wolfskin clothing and equipment is PFC and PVC-free to limit the harmful impact of these on the environment.

Jack Wolfskin also takes animals’ welfare extremely seriously and protects the planet. No real fur is used in Jack Wolfskin products, and no leather is used from endangered species.

Jack Wolfskin only uses ethically sourced down and merino wool where the welfare of animals is maintained. They never use angora wool, as the animals are often kept in unethical conditions. 

Update your wardrobe with high-quality Jack Wolfskin t-shirts and shorts to get ready for the summer, or keep yourself warm with a comfortable Jack Wolfskin coat.


Founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924, the company was originally named Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik before being rebranded to ADIDAS in 1949. ADIDAS has adopted several initiatives to become more environmentally friendly and help lessen the impact on the environment.

ADIDAS is committed to replacing virgin polyester with recycled polyester wherever possible by 2024. They are looking to use more recycled and natural materials instead of the standard materials they use to protect the environment.

ADIDAS will provide full transparency on the lifecycle of its products to help reduce its carbon footprint. ADIDAS’ ‘Made to be Remade’ is designed to reduce global waste by taking clothes that have been worn down and remaking them into something new. 

Loofes stocks various styles of ADIDAS clothing to help you update your wardrobe with more sustainable products. If you’re looking for a casual and comfortable fit, ADIDAS joggers and hoodies are ideal. ADIDAS shorts and t-shirts are great options for a summer outfit or working out on the weekend.

Update your wardrobe with Loofes

The above mentioned brands are just some of the high-quality, sustainable and affordable men’s clothing brands you can browse to update your wardrobe.

Sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly popular, and the environmental and socio-economic impacts are just some of the reasons you should shop sustainably. Why not start updating your wardrobe by browsing the latest range of Napapijri sweatshirts or Superdry hoodies?

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