Dressing For The Football: History and Evolution

Football boat on top of a football 31/10/2022

The Top 7 Stylish Footballers Of 2022

When it comes to football, the nature of the game has changed. Gone are the days when playing this beautiful game was enough. Now, with the rise of social media platforms, most notoriously Instagram and TikTok, it’s just as important for footballers to look as good off the pitch as they do on it.  For some footballers, dressing stylishly comes as naturally to them as their unbelievable technique, and it’s those that we’re celebrating today.  Whether they’re turning up to training dressed head-to-toe in designer logos or looking suave in... Read More

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Loofe’s Top 5 Brands To Wear For The Football

Whether you’re dressing for your first football match or an expert on terrace fashion, shopping for football clothes ahead of the big game shouldn’t be difficult.  At Loofe’s, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite brands that are perfect for levelling up your football clothing collection. So if you’re hitting hospitality, wrapping up for warmth or firing for fandom, you’ll have options to suit – whatever your style! So sit back, relax and trust in Loofe’s to update your football wardrobe as we profile our five favourite brands for a... Read More

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Football Fashion: How to stay warm, look good and fit in!

It can be daunting to know what to wear for your first game if you’ve never been to a football match. With so many choices of kit and unexpected weather conditions to contend with, there are many things to consider when choosing your first football outfit, especially if you’re a new football fan.  At Loofe’s, we’ve pulled together a handy guide to help you feel confident with your clothing choices ahead of your first match. From what colours to wear to what not to wear, we’ve rounded up our top... Read More

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Look Great In Terrace Fashion With These 7 Style Staples

When it comes to football terrace clothing, dressing for the football can be just as important as dressing for a special occasion. From designer clothing to expensive trainers, football fashion is as much about the labels as it is style. Although the days of casual dressing in European labels and fighting on the terraces are now a thing of the past, dressing to impress is still a big part of the matchday experience.  Wanting to create a capsule wardrobe for the big game? At Loofe’s, we’ve picked out the seven... Read More

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Top 5 Mini Me Styles Perfect For Dressing For The Football

Football fashion has evolved since the designer sportswear days of the 1970s and the baggy fashion casual looks of the late 80s. Today, how you dress for football is just as important as the game itself. Today’s terrace look showcases designer labels paired with your team’s club colours, and if you’re heading to the game with your mini-me, the good news is that they can get involved too. At Loofe’s, we stock an amazing collection of kid’s designer clothing brands that are perfect for dressing for football, and we’ve pulled... Read More

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How Has Terrace Fashion Evolved Through The Decades? History Of Football Fashion

The football terraces are where fashion and football collide. Once a place to shout for your favourite team whilst sporting club colours, terrace wear today is big business thanks largely to the popularity of streetwear and collaborations between football fashion brands and popular rap and grime artists such as Drake.  But where did this football fashion phenomenon begin? And how has it evolved through the decades? At Loofe’s, we’re bringing you the history of terrace wear from what it is and how it emerged to how it’s become a popular... Read More