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Jimmy From Quadrophenia wearing a Fred Perry polo 11/08/2022

Top 5 stylish films that influenced men’s fashion 

Although a good plot always comes first when choosing a film to watch, it’s not always the thing that stays with us the longest. When a film or a TV show offers stylish menswear – either by introducing a trend or reviving one, it can be hard to forget. We’re delving into our favourite fashion in film moments and highlighting the brands that define each film’s looks so that you can admire and dress like your film icons. Read on to discover more about our top 5 film looks at... Read More

An illustration of Elvis in his Jailhouse Rock clothing 01/06/2022

How are fashion and music related? Music and fashion through the decades

Since the early 20th century, music and fashion have worked hand in hand.  Music brings fashion to the masses and is influential in creating subcultures that allow the wearer to express themselves creatively and share their individuality. It also helps create a sense of belonging with others that share the same music and fashion tastes. Music and fashion have been intrinsically linked throughout the decades, resulting in global fashion trends.  In this blog, we’re taking a closer look at how music and fashion are related and how trends have changed... Read More

Quadrophenia 21/04/2022

A Guide To Quadrophenia: Why We Love This British Cult Classic

Quadrophenia, the film which helped drive the momentum of the Mod revival of the late early 1980s, is a British cult classic. The film is an adaptation of The Who’s Quadrophenia album, which became a piece of pop culture that’s highly thought of and celebrated over forty years after its release. From fashion to film locations and fun facts, come and celebrate a pillar of British film history with our Quadrophenia guide. Table of contents: What is Quadrophenia? What does Quadrophenia mean? What is Quadrophenia about? Where is Quadrophenia filmed?... Read More


How to dress like a Mod: An iconic fashion movement

Originating in the 1960s, Mod fashion started out in London as a youth subculture before going on to influence fashions across the world. From tailored suits to fishtail parkas, where other trends have fallen by the wayside, Mod clothing has managed to stay relevant and popular with well-dressed men today. Read on to discover how Mod fashion first emerged, why it’s stood the test of time and our top tips on how you can embrace this style for yourself. Table of Contents: What is Mod? What was it like to... Read More

style icons Liam Gallagher style 07/03/2022

Top 5 Style Icons To Dress Like

Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” That is certainly true for these male style icons from the world of music today.  Whether stepping out on stage or rocking the red carpet, we’ve pulled together 5 of the best style icons the music world has to offer to look at what they do, what makes them so stylish and which brands to choose to recreate their looks for yourselves.  From Modfathers to Madchester icons, trust Loofe’s to help you dress like the stylish elite. Table of Contents:... Read More

Madchester 07/03/2022

Madchester: Music and fashion that defined a decade

A prominent cultural movement throughout Manchester in the late 80s and early 90s, Madchester was central to popular culture, clothing, and everyday life.  Acid house, Britpop, and Indie all took influence from the Madchester scene, as it defined the music and fashion of a generation. Read on to find out more about its roots, and why it was – and still is – so influential.  Table Of Contents What is Madchester? Who coined the term Madchester? What is the Madchester sound? What is baggy music? How to dress Madchester style... Read More