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Celebrating 100 Years

When 2020 first arrived, we knew it would be a big year for us at Loofes, because we would be celebrating our 100th Birthday. What we didn’t know was a global pandemic would be hitting the world at the same time. So, any celebrations we had planned were put on hold, whilst we tackled one of the hardest chapters in our 100 years to date. Once our shops were allowed to reopen and we found our feet again, we decided to mark our big birthday at long last. One of... Read More


How to Keep Warm this Winter A guide on what to wear throughout the cooler months

Summer now feels like a lifetime ago,  light nights feel as though they never happened and frost becomes more frequent than sunshine. But it isn’t all doom and gloom – winter brings about a change in celebrations, with Christmas just around the corner and a festive smattering of snow never seems too far away. However, the problem can be knowing what to wear. Summer wardrobes can feel so effortless, not having to think about layering up for all weather eventualities, but how do you know what’s best to wear in... Read More


How to stay safe on Bonfire Night

Top tips and tricks on keeping yourself safe and everything in between Remember remember the 5th of November… Bonfire night. The night of hot chocolates, woolly hats, and sparklers. A time where everybody seems to put their differences aside and come together to reap the benefits of brightly coloured fireworks, showstopping bonfires and great food.  Whether you put on your own firework and bonfire display or travel somewhere to watch an organised show staying safe on Bonfire Night is essential. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to zap the... Read More


Men’s Autumn Fashion Trends: New Season Must-Haves.

Autumn, the season of ever-changing colours. The days begin to draw in and the trees start to shed their summer attire; so why not evolve with the weather and keep your wardrobe on-trend with this season’s fashion essentials?  Here at Loofe’s, we have the perfect wardrobe staples to keep you on-trend this autumn. From layering to choosing the appropriate footwear whilst staying stylish, Loofe’s has you covered for all weather eventualities as the season begins to change. Which autumn footwear is on-trend? Choosing the right footwear in autumn is essential... Read More


How to Get Organised for School: 5 Tips for Preparing for School This Year

Just when you thought summer has only just begun, the new school year is once more just around the corner. Dreading the back to school mayhem? Here at Loofe’s, we’ve come up with five simple tricks to preparing for school this year, plus a handy back to school essentials list to ensure you have all you need. 5 Tips On How to Get Organised For School Get a family wall calendar Number one on our list is getting yourself a family wall calendar for helping you keep organised once term... Read More

Mens Ibiza clothes, Ibiza fashion 28/06/2019

Men’s Ibiza Fashion: The Clothes to Take You From Beach to Bar

With its scorching sun, scenic views, beach-front bars and an infamous club scene, the Balearic island of Ibiza draws in thousands of revellers to its sands every summer. But with everything from sun-soaked beaches and bars to poolside parties and super clubs on the agenda, when it comes to Ibiza fashion, what should you pack in your suitcase? Whether it’s the White Isle or another party hot spot you’re planning to visit this year, here at Loofe’s we’ve got your holiday wardrobe sorted.  The Beach ADIDAS PERFORMANCE Men’s Solid Short... Read More

men's spring fashion 18/03/2019

Men’s Spring Fashion: New Season Essentials

The days are getting longer and the first day of spring is just around the corner; it’s time to put away your winter wardrobe for another year and get your new season essentials ready! However, with the fluctuating temperature and inconsistent weather that this season brings, it can sometimes be hard to know how to dress in spring. Wondering which key pieces to add to your wardrobe? Here at Loofe’s, we’ve got your questions answered. From jacket styles and layering to shirt fabrics and colour palettes, we’ve got all the... Read More

Gym King, Gym Gear, mens gym clothes 14/02/2019

Working Out in Style: Designer Men’s Gym Clothes

A good quality, well-fitting and stylish gym kit makes all the difference when it comes to motivation, comfort and confidence at the gym. No-one feels like hitting the gym in a kit reminiscent of something found in lost property; dressing for success applies to your workout too! In need of new gym gear that delivers on style as well as function? Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. Here at Loofe’s, we have a huge collection of men’s gym clothes from premium brands and iconic designers that allow you to... Read More


How Terrace Fashion Has Influenced Modern Style

Who fancies a trip down memory lane? Football is a massively ingrained part of UK culture – and with it comes terrace fashion or otherwise known as football casual clothing. The clothing worn by football fans has always had a huge impact on fashion, with the sports casual styles of today paying tribute to the styles spotted in years gone by. So, how did terrace fashion begin? And just how have the styles from the 60s, 70s and 80s influenced what we wear today? Terrace fashion in the 50s: Teddy... Read More


What To Pack For Your Kids On Holiday: Kidswear Holiday Shop

It can be stressful enough to pack for a holiday for yourself — throw a couple of kids into the mix and the stress is quadrupled! If you’re wondering what clothing you need to pack for your family holiday, wonder no more. Here at Loofes, we’ve put together a handy kids holiday clothing guide, detailing all the styles that are perfect for your summer vacation. Polo Shirts Polo shirts are a great versatile option for holidays. Your kids can wear them while you’re chilling out around the pool during the... Read More