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Football Footwear Guide: How To Find The Right Football Trainers

When partaking in sport, the right gear can make the world of difference to your performance. For football in particular, it is important to ensure you have the right footwear to keep you at the top of your game. With so many different types of football boots available, it can be difficult knowing exactly where to start when shopping for your perfect pair. With this in mind, we’ve put together the ultimate football footwear guide, using commonly asked questions to break down how to find the right football boots for... Read More


8 Tips For Staying Motivated During Winter

It’s 6:30am and your alarm is blaring. You’ve prepared yourself for an early morning workout, but now, when it comes down to it, snoozing your alarm and going back to sleep is just all too tempting. Finding motivation to exercise can be hard enough at the best of times, but come winter, it’s a near impossible task. The mornings are cold, the weather is terrible, and your motivation has decided to hibernate until spring. To help fight against the inevitable winter fitness lapse, we’ve put together 8 top tips to... Read More


Transfer Season: Most Famous Football Transfers

Last month, records were officially broken in the world of football transfers, when Neymar became the first man to break the £100m deal mark. He didn’t, however, just break this figure — he almost doubled it. Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a staggering £198m. This huge cost makes Neymar’s transfer over five times the average of the next 20 biggest transfers this season. The news of this huge transfer got us thinking, so we’ve decided to take a look back of some of the most shocking, strange,... Read More


Back To School Essentials

So, summer holidays are finally over. While you’re most likely elated at the prospect of finally having some peace and quiet, there is also a certain pressure to the ‘back to school’ period. Are you prepared? Your kids are probably nagging you for the latest, trendiest new threads, but you want something quality; something that will withstand all your kid has to throw at it throughout the school year. Here at Loofes we have your back. We’ve put together some of our finest back to school essentials, kids clothing, footwear... Read More


What To Eat When You’re Training

Want to know what to eat when you are training? Read on to find out exactly what your diet should entail. Make Sure You Eat Breakfast It is deemed the most important meal of the day and so it should be. It will set you up for the rest of the day and keep your cravings at bay. Aim for something high in protein and fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Breakfast Ideas: Omelette Scrambled Eggs Avocado on Toast Fruit Smoothie Fruit and Yoghurt Porridge   Snacking Is... Read More


Football’s Rising Stars

With the new season here, we take a look at the players to watch out for this year. We have listed a few names which you may want to keep an eye on, as they are set to take the leagues by storm this season. Reiss Nelson The seventeen year old Arsenal player has been a star performer for the club in recent matches and is set to make a name for himself in the coming months. He has been one of the club academy’s most promising youngsters for a... Read More


The Top 7 Football Rivalries in the UK

Football wouldn’t be football without rivalries. Many stem from deep-rooted historical frictions, many come down simply to local competitiveness; whatever the reasons, rivalries have always added an extra thrill to a football game. Local football derbies across some of the UK’s biggest cities are a key point in the football calendar, attracting fans from near and far to root for their opposing teams. From the “friendly” games to the slightly more turbulent affairs, here at Loofes we’re taking a look at the 7 biggest football rivalries across the country today.... Read More


The 6 Most Iconic Trainers Of Our Time

If there’s one fashion item that has proven to stand the test of time, that is the humble trainer. From their rise in the 50s and 60s to their staple place in any wardrobe today, trainers are one item that will never go out of style.   Whether in the gym or at the club, trainers consistently guarantee to make a stylish statement. We decided to take a look through time and identify the most iconic trainers — here are our six favourites at Loofes. The Nike Cortez The Nike... Read More


How To Dress Madchester: Manchester Style Icons

With it’s eclectic mix of rock and house music, statement fashions and vibrant rave scene, Madchester remains a prominent era in Manchester’s rich cultural and musical history. From the clubs and the bands to how to dress ‘Madchester’, we’re taking a closer look at one of the most thriving scenes of the 90s. The Roots Of Madchester So, what exactly is Madchester? Madchester was the name given to the cultural movement that was prominent throughout Manchester in the late 80s and 90s. The movement originally manifested itself as a youth... Read More


Summer Essentials – Footwear

The new season is almost here, which means it’s time to update your look and prep your wardrobe for the summer sun. Whether you are holidaying abroad or at home, the new season is the perfect excuse to purchase some new pieces. From shorts to sandals, the summer is all about keeping it minimal and laid back and at Loofes, we have everything you need to enjoy the warmer weather in style. One thing to think about at this time of year is footwear. You can put those heavy winter... Read More