It can be daunting to know what to wear for your first game if you’ve never been to a football match. With so many choices of kit and unexpected weather conditions to contend with, there are many things to consider when choosing your first football outfit, especially if you’re a new football fan. 

At Loofe’s, we’ve pulled together a handy guide to help you feel confident with your clothing choices ahead of your first match. From what colours to wear to what not to wear, we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you stay stylish on the terraces. Including how to dress for colder games and what to wear for hospitality; read on to find out more!

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What should I wear to a football match?

Whether you want to coordinate your outfit to your team’s colours or dress to impress in a full team kit, here are some key tips on getting it right ahead of your first football match. 

Football kits – a great choice or a bit too much?

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If going to football matches becomes a regular hobby, you might consider investing in your team’s official home shirt

Nothing will make you feel an affinity with your club and the crowds of supporters around you than when you’re all standing cheering on the terraces in your club’s home colours. 

Official team kits are a great way to add uniformity and a sense of belonging to your matchday football outfit and can also be a good way to pair your look with your kids if they’re coming to the match with you.

However, you may want to avoid turning up to the terraces in the team’s full kit – leave football kits to the kids, or for when you’re playing 5-a-side with your mates after work! Instead, pair your club shirt with some stylish straight-legged or slim-fit jeans from Bugatti, and finish the look with classic Fred Perry trainers and a warm, hooded jacket.

Match your clothing colour scheme to your team’s colours 

If wearing a football shirt isn’t for you, then you could show your commitment to your team by matching the colour scheme of your outfit to their home or away colours. 

A blue polo shirt will be perfect for cheering on Manchester City, Everton or Chelsea. Or why not choose a stylish red jumper for Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal?

The endless possibilities here mean you’ll still feel part of the crowd without having to invest in some official club kit.

When choosing your colours, always research first so that you don’t accidentally end up in the opposing team’s colours, especially if you’re attending an away game.

If you are travelling to watch the match as an away fan and opting for club colours, always have a neutral jacket to hand so that you can safely enter and exit the ground without any trouble. This is particularly important if you’re heading to a game between local rivals or an important fixture such as a play-off or cup final.

Most fans will be civil, but it’s always worth proceeding with caution to keep yourself safe.

Choose smaller items to show your support 

man in a football stadium, stood in front of red seats, cheering with a red and white scarf

If you’re keen to go to the football in your regular, everyday attire, then a smaller item such as a scarf or a hat from the club shop can be a great way to show your support without breaking the bank. 

Club scarves are a prominent feature on the terraces. Usually most readily available in your team’s home colours, they can be worn at home and away games and can easily be removed once you’ve left the ground and the match is over.

Most football stadiums can be cold, so a scarf or hat can also help to keep you warm during the colder months.

Casual clothes are key

Whatever outfit you choose to wear for watching football, you want to ensure that it’s comfortable. With at least 90 minutes of sitting ahead of you (and jumping around if your team manages to score or bag the win), a smart suit and uncomfortable shoes probably won’t be your best bet!

Always check the weather forecast before the game to help you dress accordingly, and whilst it’s okay to dress smart for the game, choose clothing that fits your style and shoes that you can comfortably walk in.

Check the dress code for hospitality 

Man dressed in a tweed jacket, looking through a rail of jackets in a shop

If your first football match sees you in an executive box or experiencing matchday hospitality, you must check and follow the dress code. 

Whether in a professional setting or at a family engagement, matchday hospitality differs from ground to ground, so it’s always worth checking your ticket or with the organiser to find out the dress code. 

These events usually have more to do with the experience than the football itself, so it’s less essential to be head-to-toe in club colours. 

Matchday hospitality sometimes involves a three-course meal and drinks, so ensure that what you’re wearing can easily accommodate this. 

If the dress code asks for smart, opt for a stylish blazer, waistcoat and trousers, then complete your look with a crisp new pair of brogues.

What do you wear for a football game when it’s cold?

Man wrapped up in a scarf and hat in the snow

If you’re heading to your first football game during winter, your football fashion needs to be adapted to suit the conditions.

Although you’ll be inside a stadium with many other fans, football grounds can get cold in the winter, particularly if it’s a windy or rainy day, so it’s important to plan your matchday outfit accordingly.

When the weather is a bit more unpredictable in autumn, opt for layers that you can easily remove should the temperature be warmer than expected. Foldaway waterproof coats are also really useful at this time of year, should there be unexpected rain.

However, staying warm and dry on the terraces in the harsher winter weather should be your top priority! Opt for a thermal base layer that you can layer your football shirt over the top of, and finish off with a warm layer and a good winter coat that can withstand the elements. 

Your club scarf and hat will also be useful here, and you’ll also want to invest in some gloves to protect your hands from the cold weather. If club colours aren’t your thing, why not explore our hats and gloves collection to finish off your football outfit and keep out the cold?

Football fashion: The highlights

Ultimately, what you wear for football will depend on your style, but if you’re new to dressing for the game, it’s worth following some important football fashion tips. Whatever you choose, make sure your outfit and shoes are comfortable enough to walk to and from the game and that you can sit and occasionally jump around in your outfit for at least 90 minutes. 

To feel an affinity with the team and the fans, choose a club shirt, or incorporate your team’s colours into your outfit. When attending away games, if it’s a high-profile game or a local rivalry and you’re wearing team colours, take a neutral coat to easily cover up your colours on your way in and out of the ground.

If you want to show your support, a club scarf or hat is a great finishing touch to any outfit and will keep you warm on the terraces in the colder months.

If you’re dressing for matchday hospitality, it’s important to check the dress code, as your outfit will most likely be completely different for that kind of experience than it would be if you were on the terraces. 

And finally, make warmth your priority when the cold weather sets in. Opt for sensible base layers, warm outer layers and easy-to-pack away waterproofs so you can enjoy the match while staying warm and dry, whatever the weather.

Dress for the football with Loofe’s

From home shirts from some of the Premier League’s biggest teams to warm outerwear for the coldest of matchdays, it’s never been easier to find your football style than by shopping at Loofe’s. 

Shop the links above for our top football fashion picks, or shop our dedicated sports collection for all the kit you’ll need ahead of your next kickabout.

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