Terrace Fashion and Football Casuals – How to Get the Look

Subcultures and fashion go firmly hand in hand, particularly in Britain. From mods, rockers and skinheads to punks and goths, subcultures have always influenced the top trends of the times.
There is one subculture amongst many that has stood strong to this day, and that is terrace fashion. Beginning as a statement style for football fans of the 70s and 80s, terrace fashion (or football casuals) remains at the forefront of male fashion today. Sports inspired and featuring top menswear designers, terrace fashion is a huge hit both in and out of the football stadium. Here at Loofes we’re taking a trip down memory lane, looking at the origins of this stylish yet relaxed trend and sharing how you can nail the modern football casual look today.

When did terrace fashion begin?
It is thought that terrace fashion began during the late 70s, around the time that Liverpool were winners of the European Cup. This win gave diehard football fans the opportunity to travel around Europe, following and supporting their team.

It was during these travels that fans began to pick up designer labels from abroad, leading to sportswear from France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland making its way to the football terraces of the North West. The style quickly spread throughout northern England, with football firms traveling to Europe to stock up on the designer styles. The rest is history!

What is terrace fashion?
Terrace fashion was shaped throughout the 80s and 90s, and still retains its roots to this day. The football casual look is a perfect blend of fashion, streetwear and sportswear; think logo polo shirts, retro trainers and contemporary zip up sports jackets that look at home on the terrace or in the pub, pint in hand.

Modern football casuals
The iconic terrace fashions are today kept alive through a variety of casual sports and lifestyle brands including CP Company, Adidas Performance, Stone Island and Fred Perry. Modern casuals take their inspirations from retro pieces, adding new and contemporary twists to keep the looks up to date. While shapes and design may have adapted to fit in with current trends, the style remains much the same – cool, casual and sports inspired.

Get the Look
Terrace fashion has a designer appeal with a casual edge, making it the perfect option for any guys looking for a relaxed, day to day style. As with any subculture fashion, football casuals are now worn far beyond the stadium. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gear for match day or just for a stylish outfit for the weekend, here are some of our top football casuals at Loofes.

Parka jackets (or rain jackets)
Parka jackets permeated the football casual fashion trend in the 90s, with music icons such as the Gallaghers helping to bring terrace fashion to the masses. Lightweight layers in the form of parka jackets or rain jackets are the ideal option for a match day, keeping you warm, dry and looking stylish.
Brands such as Liam Gallagher’s very own Pretty Green offer a number of fashionable and practical jackets that are perfect for a football casual look. Keep it classic with an olive or khaki jacket, or make an impression with a bright coloured parka that will ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Polo shirts
If there is one item that epitomises the sports casual look, that is a polo shirt. Branded polo shirts from the likes of Lacoste and Fred Perry are a must for football fans, effortlessly blending retro and contemporary styles. Keep it subtle with a neural colour, or show your team some support with a football branded logo shirt such as the Manchester United polo shirt from Adidas Performance.

Classic Footwear
For the football casual look, keep your footwear classic. Trainers are a great shout, instantly adding a sports inspired edge to your look. Take inspiration from traditional terrace fashion with a simple pair of Adidas or Nike trainers – stick to a monochrome colour palette and classic shapes to bring a retro, 90s edge to your look. If you’re wanting something a little different from trainers, Dr Martens are a great option for nailing the football casual look. Traditional yet rebellious, Doc Martens are an inherent part of a variety of British subcultures, from mods and skinheads to the casual subculture adopted by football fans of the 80s and 90s. Keep it simple and stylish with a pair of black Docs, worn with a casual shirt and relaxed jeans.

Relaxed jeans
One of the key elements of football casual fashion is comfort. Terrace fashion evolved, quite literally, from terrace fashion – the clothing fans would wear when watching a game from the football terrace. This involves long periods standing outdoors, so clothing has to reflect this – it needs to effortlessly blend fashionable styles with practicality. In terms of jeans, leave the skinnies at home and keep it comfortable and stylish in a pair of relaxed fit blue jeans from a classic brand such as Diesel, Duck and Cover or Lacoste.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a football game or simply for building up your sports casual wardrobe, be sure to check out the full collection of men’s clothing at Loofes. From sports inspired men’s hoodies to full designer men’s tracksuits, here you can find the perfect clothing to take your athletic inspired look to the next level.

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