You go to the gym to look good, but what about looking good in the gym?

Athleisure is a huge trend in its own right – great news for gym goers, as you have a whole host of stylish workout clothes to choose from!

The right clothing in the gym can actually aid your workout. Comfortable, breathable clothing that allows movement, and footwear that offers grip, will leave you in the best possible position to boss your workout. The right clothing can also boost confidence, so what better way to enter the gym?

If you’re looking to update your gym wardrobe, look no further. Here at Loofes we’re talking all things gym clothing, and running you through our favourite trends for the summer.

Add some patterns

Patterns and statement gym wear are all the rage right now, and are an instant way to bring your gym wardrobe bang up to date. However, it is important not to go too OTT – you don’t want to look like you’ve stepped straight out of an 80s workout tape! The trick is to find something that will go with the rest of your gym wardrobe, allowing you to mix and match items to create a variety of different looks.

This means bright neon shades are out; understated patterns in neutral tones are in. The EA7 Mens Camo Poly Track Pants are the perfect way to incorporate patterns and colour into your gym ensembles while keeping it cool and casual.

Stock up on high quality staples

While patterns are great, simple t-shirts in classic shades such as grey, white, black or navy are an absolute staple in any lads gym kit. To bring your staples up to date, invest in high end signature tees that will last for years to come.

The Gym King t-shirts collection is ideal for those looking to keep on top of their gym look. One of each neutral colour will be more than enough to rotate through the rest of your gym wardrobe, leaving you with an effortlessly stylish look each and every time.

Gym King Mens Longline Retro T-Shirt

Gym King Mens Signature T-Shirt

Gym King Mens Tipped T-Shirt  

Step up your trainers

Are you wearing the right kind of trainers for your workout? The right pair of kicks can well and truly revolutionise your workout policy, but we’re afraid there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ policy. You need to ensure you’re wearing the right trainers for what you’re doing. For example, cushioned insoles and padded linings are great for cardio, but not so great for weight training, as the cushioning will compress when you lift and affect your balance.

For weight training, be sure to opt for footwear with a flat base and excellent grip – this will ensure you feel stable to the floor. A casual flat shoe such as Converse is an ideal choice for static weight lifting.

Adidas Neo Mens Cloudfoam Ultimate Trainers

Converse Mens One Star Trainers

Cool it down

If you’re looking to update your summer gym wardrobe, think practicality! Heavy joggers and jumpers in boiling hot sun are not good news, so give your gym collection a weather-appropriate makeover.

Shorts and vests are an essential part of any seasonal gym collection. There are, however, a few rules to follow – nipple baring shirts and tiny shorts are a no-go! Opt for longer shorts and simple sleeveless vests to keep it fashionable and practical.

Gym King Mens Jersey Shorts

Gym King Mens Stringer Vest

Top tips for the gym

Fit is key

One of the most important things to consider with your workout clothing is fit. Too tight and you’ll be uncomfortable; too loose, and your clothing could get in the way or get caught in machines. Always ensure your clothing fits correctly, with room to move without being too loose.

Take a towel

Let’s face it – if you’re working out right, you’re going to be sweating a lot. In the interests of personal hygiene and just general politeness, take a small gym or face towel to wipe down any equipment or machines for the next person.

Adapt your diet for your workout

Make sure you’re fully prepared for your workout by adapting your diet and stocking up on pre/post workout snacks – bananas and protein shakes are ideal for a quick and easy fix after your workout. Throughout the day, ensure you’re eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated before, during and after your gym session.

Value your sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping at the top of your game, in both mind and body. Getting enough sleep on a night will help you feel better, eat better, make better decisions and train better, so make sure you’re hitting the recommended seven to eight hours.

From on-trend sportswear to urban casuals including hoodies and joggers for those off-duty days, update your look this season with the full men’s clothing range from Loofes.

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