Whether at the gym, on the track or on the pitch, the right gear can totally transform your performance and take your workout to the next level. With feet playing such a vital role in almost any exercise, choosing the right trainers is essential. Keeping your feet and ankles protected will help prevent any further injuries to your legs and hips, and help you workout to your full potential. You need footwear that supports you, feels good, and that looks good too! From lightweight shoes that are perfect for indoor gym workouts, to super supportive running shoes for difficult outdoor terrains, at Loofes we’re taking you through six of the best men’s trainers for workouts.


The best trainers for lifting
Lifting is all about building on your strength, but it also relies heavily on you feeling totally secure on your feet. The right lifting trainers will help you feel planted to the ground, allowing you to produce much more force during your lift. When choosing the perfect trainers for lifting, be sure to also look for trainers with excellent grip for full stability. Solid outer soles will also offer you a benefit when lifting – they provide minimum drop between the heel and foot, allowing you to feel completely planted to the floor.

reebok classics

We’d recommend the Reebok Men’s Classic Trainers for any dedicated lifters. These stylish workout trainers feature a thick sole which offers exceptional grip on any surface – perfect for full confidence when lifting!

Running a Race

The best trainers for running
Running is a great cardio workout, perfect for burning calories and fat. It can, however, be pretty tough on your feet! Running is a high impact exercise; it produces a lot of shock to the soles of your feet, as well as to your ankles. For running, you need to ensure you are fully supported with shock absorbing footwear technology, as well as a good amount of ankle support.adidas-neo-mens-cloudfoam-race-117-trainers-grey

For indoor running, be it on a treadmill or track, you can opt for something a little more lightweight. For the perfect mixture of style and practicality, we’d recommend the Adidas Neo Men’s Cloudfoam Race Trainers. These lightweight Adidas trainers are perfect for running at fast speeds, offering a mesh upper for comfort and breathability alongside a clean and simple design that will allow you to work out in true style.

The best trainers for football
If you’re switching out your workout session for something a little more competitive, such as a game of football, you need to make sure you have the right trainers for the job. In a game of football your trainers should help increase your speed and stability. A game of football is fast paced, so you need to be able to run, tackle and kick in comfort. The perfect pair of football trainers keeps your feet supported, protected, and ensures you don’t slip over on any outdoor surfaces.


For playing football on indoor surfaces or artificial turf, opt for a specialist football trainer such as the Nike Men’s Hypervenom Phade Football Trainers. This trainer offers a soft padded lining for exceptional comfort all game long, along with a studded tread to minimise slipping on the pitch. Added support around the ankles helps promote agility, while an eye catching geometric pattern will guarantee you’re the envy of your fellow teammates!

Sport. Young athletic man doing push-ups

The best trainers for HIT (High Intensity Training) or Interval Training
HIT or HIIT (high intensity interval training) are a fantastic workout option. These techniques rely on ultra quick movements – the theory is that repeated ‘blasts’ of intense movement or lifting followed by short resting periods is the perfect way to build muscle and burn fat.
It comes as no surprise that HIT is pretty high impact, so you need to make sure your feet are suitably protected. Your high intensity workout footwear should have grip, be supportive, and be comfortable for a variety of workout movements.


For any HIT or HIIT workouts, we’d recommend a performance trainer such as the Adidas Performance Men’s Mana Bounce Aramis Trainers. These stylish black trainers come with all the features you would expect from the Adidas Performance range, with targeted support and rubber soles with a deep tread to allow for full stability when making sudden stops. Add this to a breathable mesh upper that keeps you feeling cool throughout your workout and a sleek, eye catching design, and you’re left with a pair of trainers that will ensure you stand out from the gym crowd for all the right reasons!

Whether you’re looking for men’s trainers for the gym, pitch, track or simply for projecting a laid back, casual style day to day style, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you in the men’s trainers collection at Loofes. If you’re looking to expand on your current gymwear collection, why not also explore our selection of men’s joggers, men’s shorts and sports bags?

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