It’s 6:30am and your alarm is blaring. You’ve prepared yourself for an early morning workout, but now, when it comes down to it, snoozing your alarm and going back to sleep is just all too tempting.

Finding motivation to exercise can be hard enough at the best of times, but come winter, it’s a near impossible task. The mornings are cold, the weather is terrible, and your motivation has decided to hibernate until spring.

To help fight against the inevitable winter fitness lapse, we’ve put together 8 top tips to help keep you motivated and fighting fit throughout the colder months.

● Buddy up
Holding yourself accountable to someone else is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t bow out of your workout. Find a friend who is also on a get-fit regime and plan your workouts alongside them.

Having a friend waiting for you at the gym, or turning up at your door for a run, makes it a hell of a lot harder to make excuses and bail. The social and motivational aspect of having a workout buddy is also great for that extra little push on especially miserable days.

● Give your mornings a boost
The only thing less appealing than a winter workout is an early morning winter workout. It’s cold and grey outside, and your bed is just so warm! If you’re usually a morning workout kinda person and don’t want to fall out of your routine, there are a few tricks you can try to start your day off right.

● Instead of your usual blaring alarm, choose a motivational song to wake you up. An upbeat tune from your workout playlist will instantly give you energy and get you in the mood for early morning exercise.

● On frosty mornings it’s more tempting than ever to curl up in your duvet and go back to sleep. To banish the temptation to stay warm in bed, set the timer on your heating to come on fifteen minutes before your alarm goes off.

● Have a morning shower. We know it may seem counterproductive to shower before your workout, but a quick two minute blast of water will work wonders when it comes to waking you up.

● Use technology
From logging your run on Facebook to those post-workout Insta selfies, holding yourself accountable online may be just what you need to keep your motivation going strong through the colder winter months. Even something as simple as stating your intention to work out on social media gives you a feeling of accountability, and something to live up to.

Of course, gym selfies aren’t for everyone. If you’d rather keep it private, there are a number of workout apps and online communities where you can plan workouts and find like minded people to give you that extra push.

● Try something new
If you usually run, try signing up to a gym. If your gym routine is getting boring, try signing up to workout classes. There’s always something new to try to keep your interest going strong, so if you feel your attention waning simply switch up your workout.

● Sign up for an event
Setting yourself a challenge is an instant way to push your motivation through the roof! From sponsored fun runs through to serious marathons, signing up for an event gives you the ultimate motivation to train and meet your goals.

● Keep an eye on your diet
From nights in the pub enjoying a pint (or three!) to hearty, home cooked meals, winter is all about comfort. While these images may be hugely appealing, too much of a good thing can be hell for your workout routine!

Unhealthy foods and too much alcohol can leave you feeling drained and lacking in the energy and motivation you need to complete a good workout. We’re all for enjoying winter, but be sure to continue eating a well balanced diet where possible. Fresh fruit, veg, proteins and plenty of water are all recommended to keep your body in top form and ready to smash it during your next gym session.

Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

● Switch to winter workout clothing
Your standard workout gear is simply not going to get the job done in freezing cold weather. The trick to finding the best men’s winter workout gear is choosing lightweight clothing to protect your body from the elements while ensuring you don’t overheat.

As an added bonus, new workout clothes that you actually like and want to wear are great for giving you that extra push of motivation to get out there and exercise.
We would recommend;

● Switch out your summer shorts for a cosier pair of men’s joggers. Keep an eye out for high performance fabrics that will help to regulate your body temperature – the Nike Mens Academy Dri Fit Pants are ideal.

● Invest in a hoodie. The perfect men’s hoodies for winter will protect against the wind and the rain, so look for something waterproof with an added inner-lining for warmth. The Nike Mens Windrunner NSW Hooded Jacket is one of our top suggestions for a stylish, functional winter workout option.

● Ensure your running trainers are up to scratch. If you’re heading out for winter runs, your footwear needs to have enough grip to ensure you feel secure on frosty surfaces, and enough water resistance to keep you warm and dry in wet conditions. You can find a number of great options in the men’s trainers selection at Loofes; the Asics Mens Gel Lyte V NS Trainers in particular tick all the boxes for those colder days.

Look at the bigger picture
Finally, if you ever feel your motivation completely dying, take a look at the bigger picture. What inspired you to start working out in the first place? Perhaps you had a fitness goal in mind, or a special event you wanted to buff up for?

Remind yourself of the important things: why you’re doing this, the benefits to your workouts and how much better you feel afterwards. That should be all the motivation you need to get out there and boss your winter workout.

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