Pretty Green is one of the many brands available at Loofes Clothing and one we are pleased to feature on our store. Our collection features plenty of pieces including jeans, polo tops, shirts and t shirts and is the perfect brand for those who want to update their look this season. Whether you are dressing for day or night, Pretty Green is the name to choose when adding to your wardrobe.


Pretty Green was established back in 2009 by Oasis member, Liam Gallagher. His love of music and fashion is brought together in this collection of clothing, which takes inspiration from both classic and modern styles. Over the past seven years, Pretty Green has grown into one of the most popular menswear labels on the market and many choose this designer range for their simple yet on trend pieces.


Here at Loofes Clothing, we feature a range of Pretty Green menswear for you to browse and buy online. Whether you are looking for a new t-shirt for everyday wear or some denim jeans to add to your essential looks, you will find something for you in our latest collection.

pretty green clothing

PRETTY GREEN Pretty Green Mens Hadley Floral Shirt

PRETTY GREEN Pretty Green Mens Mix T-Shirt

PRETTY GREEN Mens Paisley Polo Shirt

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