During the winter, it can be easier to stay indoors and lounge on the sofa rather than getting out and exercising, but it’s important to keep up with your fitness regime throughout the whole year, including the colder months. Although it may be tempting to stay inside in the warmth, there are ways in which you can still partake in physical activity during winter without having to endure the horrid weather that comes along with it.


Exercise Indoors

You don’t have to leave your house to take part in an effective workout. Exercising in the comfort of your own home is also a great way to keep up with your fitness regime. There are plenty of videos online with workouts that will help you stay fit during the winter months and are just as good as a trip to the gym. Make use of the lack of cardio and focus on strength training, increasing your flexibility and toning your muscles.

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Make The Most Of Good Weather

Although most days during winter are usually full of rain, sleet or snow, there may be a rare occasion when good weather makes an appearance. So when it does, make use of it and go outdoors. Any sign of good weather should be put to good use, plus any time spent in the sun will give you some much needed vitamin D, something which many of us lack during the winter months.

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Change Your Goals

A new season is a great time to reassess your fitness goals. So if you feel you may not be as active as you were during the summer months, it may be worth changing your goals to keep inline with your winter fitness regime. So rather than aiming to run a 5k which may require a lot of time outdoors, aim for something that can be achieved indoors such as an increase in reps during strength training or try to become more flexible through Pilates or Yoga.

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Switch Up Your Diet

As well as switching up your fitness regime during the winter months, it may be worthwhile looking at your diet. It’s inevitable that most of us will end up eating differently during the winter months. The colder weather usually calls for more hot meals such as soups and roast dinners, so it’s best to incorporate these changes into your diet rather than trying to follow on your eating pattern from the summer months.

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Prep Your Wardrobe

When you do get chance to exercise outdoors, remember to wrap up warm before stepping out. It’s important to prepare your workout wardrobe for the winter months with added layers and thermal clothing, Although you may not feel the chill after your warm up, it can still have an affect on your body. It’s also important to protect yourself from rain and snow too, so make sure you wear something waterproof. If you’re heading out in the dark, always try and wear something reflective so as to be seen by motorists.


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