How To Look After Your Trainers

You’ve waited months for the release date, you’ve queued for hours to make your purchase and now you’ve finally got your hands on a pair. For all those die hard fans out there, you will know what we are talking about and that’s trainers. Some people may collect antiques or artwork, but for you, you’re all about the sneakers and having the hottest trainers in the world isn’t just a want, but a need.

If you’re trainer mad or sneaker obsessed, you will know that looking after your kicks is the key to keeping them looking fresh out the box. We all like to keep our trainers looking like new, but over time, your favourites can look a little worn. Whether they are new releases or a pair of old classics, taking care of your trainers is the key to prolonging their lifespan and keeping your collection one to be proud of.

How To Clean Trainers

To keep your trainers looking like new, it is essential that you keep on top of cleaning. Whether they are leather, suede, patent or nubuck, a good old clean now and again will keep those sneaks looking fresh. Although many often tell you to machine wash your trainers, it is best to avoid this as it could actually ruin the material on your trainers. To clean your trainers –

  • Remove the laces and throw them in the washing machine. It’s OK to wash your laces in the machine, but don’t put the full trainer in the wash. You could even go as far as ironing your laces to keep them looking clean and to prevent them from creasing.
  • Remove any dirt by giving them a rub down using an old toothbrush or a shoe brush and stick to rubbing each colour of the shoe separately to prevent colour bleeding.  
  • To get rid of those stubborn marks or stains, mix some warm water with a small amount of laundry detergent and apply to the affected area of the trainer using a clean cloth. Rub the stain until it has faded or disappeared.
  • To dry your trainers, stuff them with some newspaper and leave to dry out naturally. Avoid placing them near a radiator or using a hair dryer as this can cause cracking of the leather.

How To Store Trainers

Another part of keeping your trainers in tact is the correct storage. Don’t just kick them off and throw them into your wardrobe at the end of the day. To keep your sneaks looking fresh as the first day you got them, store them in a shoebox or a plastic box to protect them from dust and dirt. Alternatively, you could invest in a good shoe tree to help the trainers retain their shape. Inserts are a good idea too if you don’t want to use a shoe tree and will help trainers keep their shape. Also, you should always avoid storing your trainers if they are dirty. Any dirt or muck, no matter how small should be cleaned as soon as possible before you store your trainers away.

How To Protect Trainers

Try not to wear the same trainers day in, day out. If you want your sneaks to stay intact, try and rotate them with a few different pairs. Rather than living in your favourite trainers, try and only wear them when you really want to. Also, if you can, avoid wearing them in bad weather. Rain can ruin trainers over time, so if it is looking a little wet out there, wear a pair which you don’t mind getting ruined. If you do end up having to go out in your favourites, make sure to protect them before stepping outside. A good leather protector can be sprayed quickly over your trainers to help prevent damage from the rain or damp weather. Moisturising your trainers on a regular basis, although sounds a little far fetched, can also help prolong the life of your leather sneaks and keeps the upper of your trainers well conditioned.

Quick Tips For Looking After Your Trainers

    • If you don’t have the time to thoroughly clean your trainers, give them a quick clean with a baby wipe or a wet wipe.
    • Don’t throw away the box they came in. Instead, keep it and use it as storage for your trainers.
    • Invest in a pair of ankle socks or ‘invisible socks’ to prevent sweat from coming into contact with your trainers as this can cause staining. 

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