Running Tips For A Beginner

Whether you’re taking part in a charity run or just want to get fit and lose weight, running is a great form of exercise. But, getting started can be tricky. If you’re not used to physical activity or you have never tried running before, it can be hard work getting into a routine. But with a clear plan and the right gear, you can be a sprinting star in no time!


Start off small

Don’t push yourself to run 5k on your first time. Start off small and work your way up to a longer run. Go for a 30 minute walk and try interval sprints lasting 30 seconds. You can then build it up each time, until you’re running for a full 30 minutes. It will get easier with every run, so don’t feel you need to be perfect on your first time.


Always warm up and cool down

Before you go out for your runs, make sure you warm up each time. Running before you stretch will cause damage to your muscles. You will also need to make sure you cool down after running to prevent any harm to your joints. Aim for a good 5 minutes of warming up and cooling down.


Plan your route

It’s best to have a route planned before you head out. If you can plan a route that is 5k long, then once you have run the full length, you will know you have reached your goal.  


Set goals to help improve your running

It’s good to set yourself goals, so you have something to aim for. Your first goal could be to reach 1 full minute of running without stopping or to try and reach a certain length by the end of your first week.


Create a running playlist

A good playlist will help you to keep going when you’re not feeling motivated. Have a look on Spotify for a running playlist or create your own using motivational tracks such as Eye of The Tiger or Living On A Prayer.


Get plenty of energy from your diet

You’re going to need energy before you attempt to run, so make sure you eat plenty of nutritious food. Whole Wheat carbohydrates such as brown pasta and rice will give you plenty of energy for a run. Protein is also essential for stronger muscles which will allow you to increase your strength and become a better runner.


Incorporate strength training into your fitness routine

Alongside your running, you should also try and incorporate weights into your fitness routine. Strong legs muscles will help you to run faster and longer so make sure you do some strength training a couple of times a week.


Make sure you have the right gear

Before your start, you will need to acquire the right footwear and clothing. A good pair of trainers and some comfortable clothes is all you need to start. Here at Loofes, we have a selection of sportswear from designer brands including Nike and Adidas Performance.

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